Learn how Plant-Rich Diets can help improve your lifespan.
Plant-rich diets lower risk of premature death. There's many reasons this could be true, but it's likely tied to the lack of processing essential molecules go through within plants as opposed to herbivores (or worse, carnivores).

In this topic, we'll be slowly introducing plants more into our diets. First, we'll try some experiments with increasing our vegetable intake; this includes "eating across the rainbow", which is seen as a good indicator of increasing the nutrient diversity for our diet. Next, we'll try out some vegan dishes to test out the lifestyle. Finally, we'll be full in on eating consistently plant-rich meals, and achieve our longevity goals!
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Old and healthy isn't a myth.
There's so much more to aging than what meets the eye. We're out to make a healthier, happier world.
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