How It Works

Shanah focuses on two major aspects: Accessibility and Incremental Improvement.

Accessibility is the focus on making Shanah both easy to use and easy to access. We want people of all ages, incomes, and identities to be able to increase their healthspan, which is why we have such a focus on making the app simple and easy to understand.

Incremental Improvement, or "The Staircase Method", is our chosen measure for habit tracking. The Staircase Method borrows much from Nudge Theory, which states that people should make improvements to their life that are gradual, basic to do, and done in bite-sized increments.

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Research-Backed Methods
Shanah uses habits backed by longevity-based research. For each topic you can read a blurb on why it increases healthspan, as well as some facts backing it all up.
A Wide Range of Topics
Different people have different points of accessibility, which is why we keep a wide range of habits you can try for any income, age, or identity. Paid subscribers will be able to access 10+ topics on launch.
Make Change Easy
Incremental improvement focuses on making changes that don't overwhelm you and your current schedule. Slowly these changes build up, developing strong habits in a convenient fashion.
Consulting on Health
Paid subscribers get free consulting on the best strategies, resources, and processes to use.
A Fundamentally Simple App
Shanah has a singular focus: to help you increase your healthspan. We do our best to reduce the friction of getting you to that ultimate goal.
A Rapidly Evolving App
Coming soon: Gamification, leaderboards, challenges, and more. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about these updates as they come out!

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Old and healthy isn't a myth.
There's so much more to aging than what meets the eye. We're out to make a healthier, happier world.
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