Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shanah offer free stuff?

Yes! Every month we have a new freebie for our newsletter subscribers -- you can sign up for our newsletter to get them. You can keep them regardless of whether you unsubscribe later.

If you want to demo Shanah itself, we do offer a free topic called "Plant Rich Foods". You can find a link to this on the How it Works and Pricing pages.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel in two ways: 1) By DMing "Jacob Robinson" in the Discord community server with your email, or 2) By sending an email to with the title "Cancellation". Please make sure you use the email that you paid for Shanah with, and also make sure that you give at least 24 hours for the cancellation to go through.

Why is fulfillment and cancellation not automatic?

It's complicated. There's currently no Google Drive API connection that allows you to share a folder, and so we have to go in manually to give you access. This is likely an issue that will only exist in Phase 1, as future phases would involve using Shanah's own technology.

For cancellations, our current payment processor (for some reason) only allows us to cancel your subscriptions, and does not allow you to do it on your own. We're currently finding a workaround to this.

When will the next phase be released?

At this point I can't give you a specific date -- but I can outline what we need to do. First, we'll have to design and breadboard a mockup of Shanah's app. Second, we'll have to build out the fundamentals of the front end and back end. Since no one on our team (currently) has any development experience like this, it may take a while. However if the Phase 1 is successful enough we can outsource its development and get it to market much sooner.

Does Shanah offer refunds or discounts?

Shanah does not offer refunds, and its price is always fixed. However, the annual plan is always cheaper than getting 12 months worth of the monthly plan, which is why we recommend it ($65 for annual vs. $71.88 for 12 issues of monthly)

Is there a Shanah offering for groups?

We plan on making a package of Shanah available for schools, businesses, etc. in the future. However, this offering is not available at this time.

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