Why Longevity Won't Tell the Whole Story

July 3, 2020

Here at Shanah, we extol the idea of longevity a lot. But is longevity really just as simple as living a long time?

Unfortunately, no. Modern medicine and diet has already brought up our lifespan considerably. However, we're also spending a lot more time in hospitals and hospice. As it turns out, those extra years don't really mean anything -- the reality of our extra years is that they're spent in fragile treatments and therapies. Because of this, longevity isn't just lifespan.

Instead, we need to bring healthspan into the equation. Healthspan is the time we are alive and healthy. This creates a much greater goal, but also a more difficult challenge.

To solve the healthspan problem, we need to tackle it on three different aspects: physical, mental, and financial. Physical is longevity for the body, and mental is longevity for the mind. Financial is a bit of a unique beast -- it's not directly related to longevity, but it is an indirect factor. Think about it this way: you need to finance your extra years somehow! 

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Old and healthy isn't a myth.
There's so much more to aging than what meets the eye. We're out to make a healthier, happier world.
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