Why Longevity Is Essential to Your Everyday Life

July 17, 2020

Photo by Francisco Arnela on Unsplash

We all want to live long and healthy, but we often think of this in its abstract. We see longevity as a decades-long problem, and not something we have to worry about now. The truth is, while it is a decades-long problem, it requires daily steps to fulfill.

Longevity is essential to your everyday life because longevity is built using habits. You do not suddenly wake up with a healthy body and mind at age 80. You do not become a millionaire retiree by just going to work every day for a few decades. Rather, you need small pieces put in place for your daily routine in order to build these realities later on. 

How do you build habits? Well, there’s a few key methods you can use. Rather than explain myself over again, I’ll use this Quora post I wrote a few months back to explain:

“So, let’s say you want to build the habit of exercising. Right now you’re really just a couch potato, and very rarely get any exercise in. If you all of a sudden start trying 90 minute workouts every day, you’re going to burn out extremely quickly! This is something called the Resolutions Effect, based on the many failed New Year's Resolutions that happen every year. Instead, you’ll need to start small; perhaps try walking around the block every other day instead.

Here’s what happens. Your brain sees the challenge of walking around the block every other day, and thinks “Pfft, that’s easy!”. There’s no reason not to do it, and its incredibly simple, so you do it. Now, once you get comfortable, you increase the states to walking every day. Then, running. Then, getting a gym membership and trying out the treadmill. Then, taking a look at the weights…

…and before you know it, you’ve built a habit of exercising! Not only that, but it was extremely easy to do. This is the idea of incremental improvement, and is the core of what we do at Shanah. It may not be as sexy as going full in on January 1st, but it’s certainly more effective!”

This, of course, stands true! Try to utilize the best longevity methods and build out a simple strategy that you can build on incrementally over time. If you want to try this out for yourself, feel free to play with our free demo!

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