How to Use Fasting to Optimize for Weight Loss

September 4, 2020

Intermittent Fasting can be used to improve a whole host of health factors, including longevity. But what about weight loss? While it does seem like not eating all the time would reduce weight, how can we optimize it?

Well, let’s first mention the fact that the answer here is a lot more complicated than you might think. Research has actually shown, contrary to popular belief, that there is no solid evidence that fasting decreases weight in the long term. For those who are fasting purely for longevity purposes, this might be a good thing -- but if you’re looking for an increased healthspan and losing weight, then you might feel short-changed. 

Now, that being said, there still are ways to use fasting to optimize weight loss -- you’ll just have to change some things beyond the standard formula. Here’s some additions you can make to your fasting diet to nail down weight loss:

Combine with a Plant-based diet

One longevity factor that does also reduce weight is that of the plant-rich diet. We always recommend that plant-based foods are a good pairing with fasting anyway, so this might be the best way to do it! Note also that our plant-rich topic is free, so if you wanted to build a habit of eating plant-rich, you can check out our cheatsheet for it. 

Fast with Fat Loss in Mind

Weight loss isn’t proven to happen with fasting, but fat loss is. This tip is more about mindset: what are you really after, lower weight or a more toned body? Either path is great for your overall healthspan -- in fact, fat loss might be a better path in itself, as those who are already at a healthy weight can perceive negative side effects if they lose more. 

Use BCAAs When Exercising

We’ve mentioned this in past articles, but exercising while fasting can be a great way to completely drain your energy. And yet, exercise is mandatory for weight loss. What gives?

Well, fortunately, BCAAs come to the rescue. Drinking BCAAs before/during a workout can give you and your muscles the boost of energy you need to follow through and not feel like a lump afterwards. 

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