Here Are 5 Things You Can Drink During A Fast

September 25, 2020

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

Eating during a fast may be impossible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get satiation in other ways. Zero-calorie drinks are fair game in a fast -- here are some of your smartest choices.


Sure, water is a pretty basic choice. But using fasting as an excuse to drink more water can help improve longevity in itself! In fact, we have an entire topic dedicated to drinking more water -- if you choose, you can pair this with our fasting topic! 

Green Tea

There are two non-water drinks that are proven to help build longevity -- green tea is one of them. While catechin -- the nutrient within green tea -- is said to build focus and reduce stress, it is also an antioxidant-type which improves the autophagy process (aka the process that helps you live longer!).

Black Coffee

The second drink is black coffee. Like green tea, black coffee contains certain nutrients that have been correlated to long lasting life. Take in mind however that you’ll have to drink it truly black, without any added mixtures or flavoring -- so if you hate the taste of just regular black coffee, you might want to skip out on this one. 

Black Tea

While black tea doesn’t explicitly help build longevity, it certainly can’t hurt it. Go ahead and try out black tea if you’re perhaps getting tired of the other choices. There’s plenty of good black tea variants out there, all with their own unique flavors and many with zero calories!

Elderberry Tea

Starting to notice a tea trend? It isn’t by accident -- tea is a great way to get zero calorie subsistence while also further building your healthspan. Elderberries are pretty new in the research, but signs so far point to the fact that they’ll help you live healthier, longer. In that case, what’s not to like?

Interested in building a fasting plan? As we mentioned before, we have a topic dedicated to helping you build the habit of fasting. You can check it out here

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