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Be Healthy, Longer.

Shanah is an accessible habit tracker dedicated to helping people develop incremental improvements to increase their health longevity.

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We have a problem.

Life expectancy is increasing globally, but so is healthcare spending in the last part of life. People are living longer, but those extra years are spent on hospital beds connected to IV tubes.

That's where Shanah comes in.

Shanah is a habit tracker that helps you develop habits related to increasing your "healthspan", or time spent both alive and healthy.

How we differ

Shanah separates itself from its competitors by utilizing aspects of accessibility and nudge theory. You can learn more about what Shanah does by going to the "How It Works" page.

Old and healthy isn't a myth.
There's so much more to aging than what meets the eye. We're out to make a healthier, happier world.
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